Plywood – the definitive answer

Plywood is wood made up of alternating layers of wood veneer, bonded together with glue. Chris over at Hurtle used to make some of the best quality plywood you could touch, beyond that what we touch most is the 5.5 mm thick hardwood faced plywood sheets from Wickes, and beyond that there is proper BS… Read More »

Some home truths.

There may be jobs out there in the world that are ideally suited to you if your main goals are to meet girls, or be around high end cars, or make lots of money for little work, Exeter Laser isn't one of them. The idea here is to make a *living* not a killing, a… Read More »

Early March Update on the move

March already, and the sad truth is the move is still incomplete… first the lease itself was delayed by factors outside our control, then a family member was unexpectedly admitted to hospital a week before Christmas, then I went down with flue & pneumonia (yes, both… ) and then of course we had all that… Read More »

February already, workshop alarms, security, etc

A mixed bag this month, I personally am just coming out the other side of what was 2 to 3 weeks of aussie flu + pneumonia hell, like everyone else I may get a cold now and again and like most blokes I'll avoid visits to doctors as pointless, but even I will admit I… Read More »

Refurb & prep etc – PLEASE use email.

We're in and starting the redecoration process, Wednesday broadband and phone is going in, tomorrow and Wednesday two different suppliers coming in to measure up and quote for a very expensive security level 1 and remote signaling police response alarm system, today and tomorrow two different suppliers coming in to measure up and quote for… Read More »

We’re in, as of today, Thursday 25th January 2018.

Technically today we got the keys to an empty place that needs a lot of work and redecorating before we can call it fully open, which means that between now and then, you should not just rely on the details and address and times shown on the Contact Us page, always ring us first and… Read More »

Moving on up.

At the risk of tempting fate, we are due to sign the lease, pay the landlord and get the keys to the new place tomorrow morning, which will be Thursday 25th January 2018. Two months and two days from the date we paid our contribution to the landlord towards his legal expenses to prepare the… Read More »

1st January 2018

I suppose it is the nature of things to not turn out as planned, but the fact is we had planned to have the keys to the new unit on the 22nd December 2017 and use the "holidays" to do the redecorating and moving in and setting up and everything else, and open officially at… Read More »