Jobs @ Exeter Laser

I'm creating this post as a place holder / standard response to any and all enquiries about working at Exeter Laser in any category, be it apprentice / trainee / placement or whatever. It is a not very politically correct bullet point / numbered list created in no particular order. If you have read it… Read More »

John Ruskin

I'm going to start with two quotes. In the 19th Century, John Ruskin, an English critic and social theorist said about cost and value:- "It's unwise to pay too much, but it is worse to pay too little. When you pay too much, you lose a little money-that is all. When you pay too little,… Read More »

Premises promises

Well we have moved past heads of terms and are at, but not yet signed, the lease stage. We are hoping to get the keys on the 22nd December and I can tell you that the unit is on Marsh Barton and south west of Alphin brook, I refuse to say more until the lease… Read More »

Premises – finally?

At the risk of tempting fate we are finally at "heads of terms" stage having finally found a place that we basically absolutely love, watch this space, and we are hoping to get everything sorted and a commencement / move in date just this side of Christmas… … if all goes to plan this means… Read More »

Premises – the never ending story.

The current EL workshop was a place that I took long before EL started, back then it was a general store / workshop / place to park motorcycles in bits, and the Victorian brick shed which is basically what it is was more than good enough, because it had two amazing features; I knew the… Read More »

Software part II

As many of you know, I have a background in Engineering and IT, and it never ceased to amaze me how many people had no backup or failure plan, they just assumed that everything is going to work forever and even if something went wrong, they could fix it in 5 seconds by clicking something… Read More »


It's a recurring theme, and as a customer or potential customer you may be forgiven for thinking it is limited to worrying about the DXF file you sent me, and the contents thereof… The fact is, all of you using personal computers are spoilt, I know, I know, the mantra is that all PC's are… Read More »

Everything looks crap / weird / different in macro…

As per the subject, sometimes the macro lens (as in proper separate macro lens for a proper canon camera, not some smartphone app) can reveal lovely things that you normally do not see, but usually it just reveals ugly things that you do not see, the perfect edge of the expensive Japanese kitchen knife that… Read More »

More annealing vs engraving vs etc

You know the old saying about asking a barber if you need a haircut, well there is shades of that in many industries, with people coincidentally telling you that the thing you need is the thing that they can supply, because the thing you really need, they do not supply. Annealing is making a colour… Read More »

October already

Don't know where the time goes… Well the good news is "Gordon" the fibre galvo has been in for a couple of weeks and we are up to speed enough to start using it on paying jobs. One of the downsides is that unlike on George the CO2 plotter, there isn't a dedicated "simulation" option… Read More »